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If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part.

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kieren + mirrors

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…until our bodies gave out and we sank
back into the d a r k n e s s

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I knew [In The Flesh] was a beautiful, beautiful, original script. Beautifully written and it was very original and different from anything else., I knew that. But I didn’t quite expect the following it would gain around the world and stuff. That’s totally mad and really exciting.

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Eugh, can you stop saying that? Please? I’m fine, I’m completely relaxed - is that your dad? Shit.

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simon and kieren + script - part 2/??

Take care, I mean it.”

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"he’s beautiful"

I want this whole simon thing to end well but I have my doubts

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Centuries after our golden age began, this darkness found us; and that was the end of everything.

That is, until I found you.
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